Alicia Collier

Alicia has been in the Mortgage Industry for over 3 years in the Wichita, Kansas area, she loves helping others and being part of the homeownership dream! She is currently being crossed trained in every part of the home loan process so she can answer any questions you have, and for cases, she is not able to just yet she will find the answer for you!

When she is not multitasking at work and helping dreams come true, she is juggling home life with your nine year old son. They are very active and involved in the community, they love to take mini trips, going hiking, exploring parts of Kansas and up for any adventure that comes their way. 

Alicia loves working with others, she has excellent customer service skills, a strong work ethic and motivates the team to have a productive and joyful work environment. She puts a lot of pride and integrity into her work and makes a wonderful addition to our team