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USDA Mortgage

Definition of a USDA Mortgage

An USDA loan is a mortgage backed by the federal government’s U.S. Department of Agriculture. This means that if  the borrower can’t pay the mortgage and loses the home, the government will cover the lender’s losses. Continue reading “USDA Mortgage”

Jumbo Mortgage

Definition of a Jumbo Mortgage As mortgage lenders we really specialize in different types of home loans. Jumbo mortgages are […]


VA Mortgage

VA Mortgages Defined A VA mortgage is a mortgage available to service members, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses. Our Primary […]


FHA Mortgage

Definition of an FHA Mortgage An FHA mortgage is a mortgage that is secured by the federal government, specifically the […]


Conventional Mortgage

A Conventional Mortgage is often considered the go-to standard of mortgage loans. Our mortgage company will educate you about this […]