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Our professional Park City Mortgage Lender will educate you in this beautiful city located in Sedgwick County. It has a population of over 7,200 with many different ethnic groups. It is also very affordable to live there with the median home value at about $112,700.

Park City Mortgage Lender

Located in Park City Kansas is the Hartman Arena. Hartman Arena is a privately managed 5,000-seat arena with multi purpose in Park City, Kansas, United States. It’s location is northwest of I-135 and 77th Street North in the north Wichita metro area. It has featured events likeMercyMe Imagine National Tour, Russ: I see you tour, PJ Masks Live! Time to Be a Hero and more just to name a few.

Park City Mortgage Lender Tips

Tip 1: Make Sure Your Credit Score Has No Errors

You can check your credit with many different companies to make sure your credit is ok and free or errors.Sometimes our accounts can have things by mistake that we never new was on our credit score. Also check to make sure that your address, and phone number is correct. This is an easy fix and you can contact the credit bureaus directly.

Tip 2: Avoid PMI by Putting 20% Down

If you put less then 20% down, your mortgage will require a mortgage insurance. PMI will vary depending on the type of home loan that you get, from .35% to 1.0% annually. If you do choose a FHA Loan the PMI will be .85% for the life of your loan.

Tip 3: Buy What You Can

What we mean by this is that your debt to income will be compared to your monthly income. You want to shoot for a 36% debt to income ratio. This helps you ensure that in case you have an emergency, you will still be able to make you loan payments.

Tip 4:Make Sure You Improve Your Credit

In reality you want to make sure that your credit is the best that it can be. As your Park City Mortgage Lender we want to make sure that you pay your credits down to about 15% of its credit limit. If you found errors in your credit scores, make sure to fight it with the credit bureaus and request to pay for deletes.You can even use a friend or family member with good credit to add you as an authorized user.

These tips should get you off on the right path. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (316) 683-4700.